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          USAAF Type A-2 Summer Flying Jacket Seal Brown Horsehide[말가죽]
          판매가 2,178,000
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          제조사 Eastman Leather
          모델명 Type A-2/eastmanleather
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          color & leather
          총 상품금액 2,178,000
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          USAAF Type A-2 Summer Flying Jacket Seal Brown Horsehide


          The A-2 jacket was standardized by the U. S. Army Air Corps in 1931, being the direct descendant of the A-1 jacket from

          1927. The A-2 experienced several spec. changes during it’s rather small production quantities of the pre-war years before

          culminating in the final variant that was the subject of the largest production runs during the 1942-44 period of WWII. Immediate

          popularity followed the A-2, becoming as much a cherished icon of the U. S. Army aviator as his silver wings. So popular was

          the A-2 during the war, that non-flying personnel would beg, bribe and steal to get their hands one. Non-flying senior generals,

          such as Patton and MacArthur, had A-2 jackets, and every officer in the elite airborne units managed to cut unofficial deals

          with the USAAF to obtain this jacket they had no right to have, enhancing their own distinctive status as much as furthering the heroic,

          magical and unobtainable aura of the A-2. But it was the dashing, leather-clad U. S. Army aviators, wearing the A-2 on every front

          of every combat theater in every aircraft type in every battle of WWII, who played the largest role in turning this jacket into a tangible

          and instantaneously recognizable symbol of the ultimate romantic hero of the 20th century. After the war ended the A-2 got a second

          life in the surplus stores of the time; motorcyclists, private pilots and Hollywood he-men carried on where the wartime veterans left off.

          By 1987, the undying popularity of the A-2 spawned its official reintroduction into the USAF, although this latter-day USAF version was

          but a woeful and pale imposter of those from the production years of the old Army Air Corps. From the time the last Army Air Corps

          A-2 left the contractor’s factory in 1944, no single jacket has had as much influence on American fashion, nor has any other jacket been

          as sought after or reproduced, as has this utilitarian design of more than 70 years ago. Unquestionably, the A-2 jacket has gained rightful

          fame as an all-time American classic, internationally recognized as something as unique to our country as the cowboy hat, and without

          peer in foreign cultures. Eastman Leather Clothing has reproduced the A-2 Flying Jacket in exacting detail. The EASTMAN Standard

          Edition A-2 represents the wartime A-2 in its most typical form without copying any specific contractor or contract. Features such as

          pocket contour, knit or lining color and epaulet style, while authentic, have been homogenized from various original jacket contracts.

          We offer three original leathers: horsehide, goatskin or steerhide, dyed in two shades of brown: russet & seal. All hides are vegetable

          tanned, a process you’ll find on original A-2’s and ours, giving them that full-bodied, sumptuous feel. In every way, simply the best

          you’ll find - an heirloom for sure! Eastman’s total use of custom-made components throughout every garment’s production and design

          to precisely match 1940’s specs.is not to be confused with the vastly cheaper and inaccurate use of stock components employed

          by lesser manufacturers to produce so-called vintage reproduction USAAF flying jackets. In fact, the only other leather flying jackets

          in the world today assembled with components like those found on an Eastman are the original vintage examples of the USAAF from

          the 1940’s. This A-2 Flying Jacket is an Eastman Leather Clothing Standard Edition, correctly capturing all the nuances that typify

          A-2’s produced during the 1942-44 years, making this product virtually indistinguishable from an original vintage example of the USAAF.

          Take note of these authentic


          Features 특징:


          • Copy of original maker’s label design produced on a vintage shuttle loom

          • 빈티지 북집을 사용하며 짠 오리지날 메이커의 라벨의 복사판

          • All-cotton dark brown thread construction as found on many A-2 flying jackets originally produced in the 1940’s

          • 1940년대에 오리지날로 생산된 많은 A-2 항공 자켓에서 찿아 볼 수 있는 진밤색 순면실 조직

          • Correct USAAF spec. 3-ounce weight, vegetable-tanned and spray-dyed lleather outer shell

          • 정확한 미공군 사양, 중량 3-온스, 식물성 무두질과 스프레이 염색 가공을 한 가죽 외피

          • Single-piece back construction 1장 뒤판 가죽

          • Collar assembly following the simplified style adopted for the mass production of 1942-44, exactly as found on the majority of vintage

          A-2‘s originally produced during WWII

          •애리 달기는 2차대전 중에 오리지날로 생산된 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 자켓에서 보이는 바와같이 1942-44년도의 대량생산에서 채택된 단순화된

          스타일을 따르고 있음

          • Custom manufacturing of the correct weight and weave 100% cotton inner lining fabric to precisely match 1940’s USAAF specs.

          and dyed in the rust-brown shade found on the majority of original vintage A-2’s

          •1940년대의 정확하게 맞는 중량의 맞춤생산과 100% 면 라이너 안감 직물 그리고 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는

          러스트 브라운 풍으로 염색.

          • Metal collar clip custom manufactured to the original USAAF spec. and finished in correct semi-matte nickel plating

          • 오리지날 미공군 사양에 의한 맞춤으로 제조한 금속 애리 클립으로 정확한 세미-마트 니켈 도금

          • Custom manufacture of the typical ball-and-socket-style press studs located on pockets and collar ends, exactly duplicating

          the smaller (collar-size) and larger (pocket-size) found on the majority of original vintage A-2’s

          • 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는 것과 똑같이 복사한 (보다 큰 사이즈)주머니들과 (보다 작은 사이즈)애리끝에

          전형적인 볼과 소케트 스타일의 압착식 스냅.

          • Shoulder straps typifying the shape, size and stitch style found on original vintage A-2’s

          • 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는 전형적인 모양, 사이즈와 스티치 스타일의 어깨 스트렙

          • Two snap-down exterior pockets with stitching and pocket flap configuration typifying the style found on many original vintage A-2’s

          • 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는 전형적인 모양으로 스티치되고 주머니 두껑이 있어 스냅으로 잠그는 2개의 아웃 포켓

          • Snap-down collar typifying the shape, size and stitch style found on many original A-2’s made in the 1940’s

          • 대다수의 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는 전형적인 모양, 사이즈와 스티치 스타일로 된 스냅으로 잠그는 애리

          • Exact copy of the 1940’s Talon zipper in matte nickel finish with zip tape made of 100% cotton HBT fabric, not incorrect poly-cotton,

          and tape ends rolled and glued at base exactly as found on the original 1940’s zippers

          • 1940년대의 오리지날 지퍼와 똑같이 테이프 끝을 굴리고 바닥에 붙인 (다른 면-폴리가 아닌)100%면 HBT 직조로 만든 지퍼 테이프에

          마트 니켈 가공 마무리 처리를 한 1940대의 탈론 지퍼의 복사판

          • USAAF authentic inspector’s ink stamping on cotton lining

          • 실제 미공군 검사관의 잉크 스탬프가 찍힌 면 안감

          • Custom manufacturing of the correct two-ply 100% worsted wool knit cuffs and waist skirt in medium brown, with cuffs correctly

          graduating from a wider weave into a more narrow weave, exactly matching those found on original vintage A-2’s

          • 빈티지 A-2 오리지날 자켓에서 보여지는 것과 똑같이 두가닥의 100% 소모방직 실로 짠 브라운색의 니트 카우스와 밴드인데,

          카우스는 넓다가 점점 더 좁게 짜여진 맞춤 제조

          • Heavy leather hanging loop correctly sewn directly through the jacket lining and outer leather shell using a box stitch

          • 자켓 안감에 바로 재봉해서 바르게 단 굵은 행거루프는 박스 스티치를 한 외피용 가죽

          • White cotton label (with printed text indicating size and lot number) located in pocket, exactly matching those found on most

          original vintage A-2

          •(대부분 오리지날 빈티지 A2 자켓에서 보여지는것과 똑같이 사이즈와 롯트 넘버가 있는)백색 면 라벨

          Eastman Leather Clothing products are imported from England.




          신체 size 측정표를 보시고 고객님의 몸 사이즈를 측정 해서 주문시 전하실 말씀에 남겨 주시면 나만의 맞춤복이 됩니다.


          * Please state in the additional information box your nude(shirt) sizes as follow.   

          주문하실 때 위 JACKET SIZING의 A-G에 해당되는 고객님의 몸(Nude)사이즈(cm)를 주문자 정보에서 "전하실 말씀"란에 아래와 같이 기입해 주십시오.   

          A 가슴cm:   

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          C 어깨cm:   

          D 소매cm:   

          E 소매 총기장cm:   

          F 허리cm:   

          G 키cm:

          위 사이즈는 실제 몸(nude)사이즈로 일반 티셔츠를 측정한 사이즈에 해당됩니다.






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